Friday, March 15, 2013

Food Reward Friday

This week's lucky "winner"... fried Coke!

It may sound impossible to deep fry Coke, but it has been done... sort of.  Fried Coke is a deep-fried cola-flavored batter, topped with cola syrup, whipped cream, cinnamon sugar, and a cherry.  Fried coke originated in that irrepressible source of culinary one-upmanship: the Texas state fair!

Now where did I put my pancreas?

Thanks to reader Greg for submitting this one, and to Stephen Witherden for the photo (via Wikipedia).


  1. I wonder what is the point of showing us foods each week that most of your readers know to be absolute crap and hence would not even touch.

    Other than that, keep up the good work.

  2. @Stephan Raczak

    The whole point of this post is to highlight the extreme and ludicrously hyper-palatable foods.

    I do think that less outlandish, more benign and subversive snacks, especially around the office place, are the main driver of obesity in the population (like potato chips, which Stephan covered).

    My last two jobs have had copious amounts of processed snacks around the office pretty much 24/7. These include the 3 times/week baked goods by the sweet lady who likes to bake, the nurse who brings in daily candy (York peppermint patties and Snickers, etc.).

    Again, I think it's the common snacks that get most people in trouble.

  3. @ Stephen Raczak

    I think it's something called "a bit of fun".

  4. I love these posts personally. It's fun to see processed food at it's worst.

    Speaking of which, we have the dreaded VENDING MACHINE at work and it amuses me to no end how often people consume from it.
    They'll complain about their hours and pay, but repeatedly shell out dollars a day for candy bars. I think i'm the only person in the building who hasn't touched the machine since it arrived.

    It's a Lance machine, i'm sure most of you know what that entails.

  5. Of all the things you can fry.. I just never... just never...

    :-/ people are very inventive when it comes to getting a brain buzz.

  6. I cant imagine overfeeding regularly on most of these "friday foods", but more mundane and less extreme things are way more easily abused. Why is that so?

  7. Robert, just read your reply to Stephen and it made me think of something:

    My husband is a clinical pharmacist a local hospital. There are always lots of snacks available on every unit; staff bring them in all the time. But when cake is available, the cardiologists take off the icing and extract any cremes and then eat the cake.

    Just thought that was kind of funny, and strange.

  8. Wow, this is one I had never heard of and wouldn't have dreamed existed. I shudder to think that for every one of these things you've posted, there's probably an individual who orders it a few times a week (maybe daily!).

  9. @Robert,

    as rightly pointed out, these posts show us the extremes.

    But I would more interested in the foods of "medium palatability" which are consumed by way more people we can imagine.

    In my opinion, these foods (i.e. snacks, cakes, bars, vending machine items) are the main culprit in this whole debate as they make up the lion's share of readily accessible snacks in the office.

  10. Yes its hyper palatable, but its not so palatable that people are consuming n a daily basis like chips, bread, crackers of all sorts and regular soda. If you eliminated all of these crazy carnival foods would it reduce obesity? Probably not since these types of food don't represent a large percentage of a normal American's diet.

  11. Your Friday food rewards always make me cringe but this one takes the cake. Right up there with deep fried butter on a stick. Don't know how anyone could think this was appetizing.

  12. I like reading the Food Reward Friday column b/c I often forget many people don't see this kind of food all the time.

    I'm from Louisiana, but I currently live in Texas. There are a lot of people who LIVE for the Texas State Fair so they can take a day and try all the fried food. Moreover, it's much easier to come across all manner of fried foods in this part of the country. In Louisiana especially, it's very common to come across a gas station with a hot food counter. Chicken wings, potato wedges, cracklins, boudin balls, fried fruit pies, meat pies, eggrolls...I'll stop now.

  13. It seems like it's become a thing in the past 10-15 years to "see what else we can deep fry" - and then sell it at a state fair, or maybe a bar.

  14. I've seen this one all over Pinterest and thought I'd nominate it ("nom"inate?) None of the Food Reward Fridays have been appealing to me, but this makes my mouth water every single time even though I know everything about it is bad. The slight crunch of the fried shell covered in sugar and cinnamon immediately hitting your taste buds to draw you further into the light buttery taste of tortilla, moving into the soft, hot syrupy plump apple chunk center, the bite of cinnamon and a tiny bit of tart from the apples lingers on your tongue afterwards enticing you to go in for more sugar covered shell. It's simple, but powerful. Some might even call it "healhy" because it has real apples and isn't deep fried, just pan fried.

  15. Teech,

    In fact, people do eat garbage, day in, day out. We forget that, being as interested in and dedicated to good nutrition. This particular "carnival food" (apt description) isn't that dissimilar to an enormous amount of dessert items on fast food menus globally...


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