Thursday, June 6, 2013


I haven't been putting much effort into blogging these past few weeks.  Frankly, a little break has been nice while I take care of other things in my life.  But I haven't been twiddling my thumbs.  Obesity research hasn't slowed down and there are many topics that I'd love to write about here if I had the time.  I'll be starting a new series soon on the genetics of obesity-- a fascinating subject.  I also plan to cover some of my recent publications on obesity and blood glucose control by the brain.  Last but not least, we will soon roll out a substantially upgraded version of the Ideal Weight Program.  Those who have already purchased the program will continue to have access to the new version.


  1. I'd be interested in your take on the new spurt of research on gut flora. This is so interesting it truly merits the adjective 'revolutionary.'

  2. Hi Diana,

    I gave a talk on this at AHS12. They lost the recording, but I hope to make a narrated PPT from the slide deck at some point.

  3. I've been missing you. Enjoy your time off and I look forward to reading new things whenever you get to them.

  4. I look forward to it. I used to dismiss the notion, but I've been ransacking PubMed and...I'm hooked.

    In my guts, I know it's not nuts.

    (You have to be of a certain age to recognize the joke.)

  5. Hi Stephan,

    I was wondering if you had a rough estimate as to when the new ideal weight program would be unveiled

  6. Hi psychic,

    We hope to have it up within a month.


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