Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gluten-Free January Raffle!

Hi, Gluten-Free January participants. Matt, Janine and I have collected about 200 survey responses at this point. So far, the results are very interesting! But we want to get as many responses as possible, because the more responses we get, the more informative the data will be for all of us. So please fill out the survey Matt sent you by e-mail, no matter what your results were, and no matter whether you stuck with the diet or not! The survey is strictly about your GFJ experience, not investment opportunities, timeshares, ShamWows or anything else. It will take you less than 5 minutes, and it's totally anonymous. The deadline is Feb 15th. Big thanks to everyone who has taken it so far.

To encourage participants to complete the survey, we're organizing a raffle. Matt and I have five Gluten-Free January T-shirts we're ready to give out for free. These shirts were designed by Matt and they're really cool. I have one myself, and the print and fabric quality are top notch. Here's what the logo looks like:
If you've completed the survey and want to be included in the raffle, please e-mail Matt to let him know you've completed it. Anyone who has already e-mailed Matt to let him know they completed the survey will automatically be entered, so no need for a second e-mail. So far, very few people have written Matt, so your probability of winning a shirt is high!


chargrill said...

I didn't sign up for GFJ - but I participated anyhow (I recently discovered I'm intolerant!). I don't think my survey results would be meaningful since I didn't "participate", so I don't think I should be qualified to enter the raffle.

HOWEVER, those shirts are cool! How can I get/buy/maim-someone-for one?

erin said...

I also didn't get on board in time to join the "official" grain-free moth, although I *have been* grain free since December! But I'd like one of those shirts too! Hook us up! :)

john said...

Hot damn...I want that shirt. You have to be part of some initial list?

Jason Sandeman said...

Okay, I came late to this party. I wish I could fill out the survey. I have been GF since January, as due to my T1 Diabetes

Amy L said...

So how do we get Matt's email? :-) said...

I've been gluten free for quite sometime, but I would love to buy a t-shirt. Can you make them available for sale?

Audrey said...

Can you please resend the email to me. I must have deleted it. I'd love to fill out the survey though.

Ellen said...

I've been GF but didn't sign up for GF January. I would still be happy to do the survey.

Lutz said...

Sorry, I did not participate in the official GFJ event; I did follow the restrictions not super strictly. I was almost gluten-free for January.
Yesterday, I did eat 6 slices of my favorite sourdough rye bread for dinner -- today I am having intestinal problems and a horrific headache.
Could it be that the withdrawal evokes even stronger the symptoms after a gluten challenge - or is it a mere coincidence?
I am eager to know the results of the survey.

Lutz said...
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Dr. Curmudgeon Gee said...


didn't sign up for the GF January challenge.
cause i have been slowly eliminating > 90% GF for last 6 months.
so i would not have a "before" & "after" comparison.

but but, the shirt is so cool.

i want one! XD


primalliving said...

I've got to agree with the masses - That logo is fantastic!

I've been 100% GF for the past 6 months, before this I'd have the occasional "cheat" once a month or so.

Having now gone 100%, I would never go back!

mike27 said...

I must be dense because I don’t “get” the shirt symbolism. The explicit “biohazard” and portrayal of stylized wheat make sense together. What baffles me is the peace symbol. For decades that has been a positive upbeat symbol. Wouldn’t a red circle with diagonal line be better?

Stephan said...

Hi Folks,

The shirts are available here:

Hi mike27,

Look up the symbol for biohazard on google images and you'll get it.

ScottH said...


I did not participate in the gluten-free January challenge, but thought you might be interested in this study:

The subject's did not have celiac but did have IBS, so not necessarily applicable to the general population.

Thanks for the great blog.