Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gluten-Free January Raffle Winners Selected!

Raffle winners have been selected and shirts are on their way. You know who you are. Thanks to everyone who participated and filled out the survey! For those who didn't, there's always next year.

Janine Jagger, Matt Lentzner and I are busy crunching the mountain of data we collected from the GFJ survey. We got 279 responses, which is remarkable for a survey of this nature.

Stay tuned for data!


John said...

hey there!

My total cholesterol is 250, HDL is 85, and ldl is 165. My fasting blood glucose is always around 65-70. Is the cholesterol anything to be worried about. I know the high hdl is great, but what about the high LDL?

tk said...

i for one, can't wait to see the results! thanks to you all for doing the number crunching, and pulling what meaningful information you can out of the survey.

James said...

John you should check out Paul's latest PHD post.

JEAN said...

John, try the Heart Scan Blog. More information there about your blood values than you will ever want or need to know.

Megaera said...

I'm gluten-free as of about January, but late to this site -- would be happy to fill out a survey if you want to send one, no t-shirt issue involved, just for the data.

John said...

More to my story,

I am a 5 10 male in my late twenties. I was underweight for a while (about 1-1.5 years) at only 120 pounds (too much running). Since july I have gained up to 140-145 pounds (usually weighed about 135 but needed to gain past this to try and get my health back).

Before starting the weight gain my thyroid levels were
ft4 0.9 0.7-1.4
ft3 2.1 2.0-4.4
rt3 490 200-400

My thyroid levels now are
tsh 2.14
ft4 1.1 0.7-1.4
ft3 2.2 2.0-4.4
rt3 210 90-350

Its good that my rt3 and tsh have gone down but my free t3 still hasn't gone up much. Do you think that it will just take a while to come back up especially since the rt3 is normalizing? Should I seek medication like cytomel, or is that something that once you go on it you will most likely need it for life?

Stephan said...

Hi John,

By conventional standards, your cholesterol looks good because you have a good LDL:HDL and TC:HDL ratio. If you eat a good diet, are lean and don't smoke, and exercise, you probably are at low risk.

Interpreting thyroid tests isn't my specialty, but your current results don't strike me as abnormal.

Hi Megaera,

Thanks for the offer, but the survey is closed. Maybe next year!

Megaera said...

Just offering, and I understand. Most respondents in these matters self-select for success since nobody wants to be the schlub who screws up the numbers for everyone; simply for that reason I'm a liplock certainty not to be around next year since gluten-free was an absolute failure all round. Disastrous, in fact, from my standpoint. But hey, that's just me. I mean, it's a nice theory, and all -- it just doesn't work all that well in practice, which is a problem with theories.

Might-o'chondri-AL said...
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fu laoshi said...

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Might-o'chondri-AL said...
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