Saturday, March 26, 2011

Randy Tobler Show: Welcome

This morning, I had a conversation with Dr. Randy Tobler on his radio show "Vital Signs", on 97.1 FM News Talk in St Louis. Dr. Tobler is an obstetrician-gynecologist with an interest in nutrition, fitness and reproductive endocrinology from a holistic perspective. He asked me to appear on his show after he discovered my blog and found that we have some things in common, including an interest in evolutionary/ancestral health. We talked about the history of the American diet, the health of non-industrial cultures, what fats are healthiest, and the difference between pastured and conventional meat/dairy-- we took a few questions from listeners-- it was fun.

The show is available as a podcast here (3/26 show), although as far as I can tell, you need iTunes to listen to it. My section of the show starts around 8:20.

To everyone who arrived here after hearing me on the air this morning: welcome! Here are a few posts to give you a feel for what I do here at Whole Health Source:

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David L said...


It looks like you have fixed up the problems you have been having with RSS. Your feeds are now showing on my Google widget; before, I hadn't had a new link in months.

fernandollorente7 said...

What is your stance on sucrose/fructose and what is your opinion of Dr. Raymond Peat?

Robert said...

Congratulations Stephan, I look forward to listening to it.

Rakzter said...

wow, its interest

Chris Povirk said...
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Chris Povirk said...

You can in fact download the podcast without iTunes.

JBG said...

When I tried the podcast link, it crashed Firefox (3.6.16)...

Chris Povirk said...

Hmm, it's OK for me in 3.6.13, but I have Firefox set up to save MP3s to disk, rather than play them. To force it to do that, you could right-click and choose Save Link As. Assuming that that works, you can open it with your MP3 player of choice.

Anne said...

Nice podcast. It worked for me with Firefox 4.0.

Sel said...

I wonder if anyone has given you the link to the NPR story 'How Western Diets Are Making The World Sick'!! It was on this past Friday.
All about what you already know. This is an MD with surgical experience across a different number of cultures. You and Dr. Kevin Patterson should communicate!

Josh said...

My wife and I teach birth classes (Bradley Method) and most expecting mothers are pleasantly surprised when we advocate butter, whole milk, and lots of protein.

When I teach nutrition in pregnancy I start "people are made of protein and fat, not carbs...since you are making a person, you must eat protein and fat!"

The scary part is a LOT of birth defects and premies are due to maternal malnutrition. I have also heard of babies having some issues even tho momma always took her prenatal vitamin...together with her oatmeal or bagel (phytic acid!)

Morgii said...

What is your feeling on certain vitamin pills like acidopholis? Do you think it is better to take a pill or eat a lot of greek yogurt? I have been told to eat more of this by many doctors. They have recommended both. I am just curious as to your opinion on if one is more effective or healthier than the other. Also what is your opinion on vitamins in general?

Joanne said...

Hi Stephan

Your talk was excellent and very informative. I've been following your blog for a while along with Peter and Kurt's, but haven't got into the pre and pro biotics. I have a question re your comment that these two things will replace antibiotics for the next generation. Isn't the reduction in death from infection thanks to antibiotics one of the key reasons the lifespan has increased in the past century?

I take prophylactic antibiotics (low IgA and IgG4 and often low neurtophils)and every couple of years stop to see how long it takes to get an infection (mostly sinus, sometimes lung within a couple of weeks). I will stop again in about 3 weeks and will go hard out on the jerusalem artichokes and onions etc in your talk.

While I have a specific interest because of my own health, I would be interested in your thoughts on this regardless of whether I had a good immune system or not.

john said...
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