Thursday, May 29, 2008

Eagle Creek

Last weekend, I went on a 3-day backpacking trip with some friends. We endured rain, snow, difficult river crossings and a vicious mouse attack, but managed to have a good time nevertheless. Here are a few pictures:

Punchbowl falls

Tunnel falls

Basalt cliffs

Apparently mice like cheese!


.^ said...

I'm disappointed in you, Stephan.

Mice like cheese, do they?

Was this a double-blind, randomized metabolic ward study that you conducted?

Chris said...

Stephan I'd be interested in your diet when backpacking - it is one time when my diet really slips.....

Stephan Guyenet said...


My diet also slips a bit when I go backpacking, particularly when I'm with others. I do my best to keep it healthy but the choices are limited. Here's what I brought this time:

-almonds and hazelnuts, soaked and toasted
-homemade beef jerky
-lentils, soaked and dried (for cooking)
-dried fruit
-several hard-boiled eggs for the first day or two
-sourdough 100% rye bread
-raw milk cheese

Sometimes when I cook (I often just eat dry food when I go solo) I'll bring quinoa and supplement it with dried vegetables and lots of oil/butter. I don't soak quinoa in the backcountry, so it's a compromise, but at least it's gluten-free. I try to get as much fat in as possible so it displaces some of the "carbage".

Debs said...

Those pictures are lovely. Stunning falls.

What's up with the mice not touching your raw milk cheese and going for the packaged stuff? Though at least the packaged cheese was full fat. I bet if we did a study of low-fat and full-fat samples, the mice wouldn't touch the low-fat stuff. Although they'd probably be stuck with it after we caved in and ate all the full-fat before they could get to it.

Chris said...

Thanks that is helpful.

I tend to survive on eggs, cheese, oatmeal, nuts, dark tuna sandwiches

Chris said...

Stephan - nice photos too. I usually put my photos of hills on another blog

by the way, I think I'e been banned from Art DeVany's blog. Every comment I've put up has either not got through moderation or has and has then been deleted. I could start to feel paranoid.....

Stephan Guyenet said...

Hi Chris,

I just checked out some of your photos, those look like some great trips. That's strange about Art's blog, why the heck would he delete your comments?!

I just checked and he recently allowed one of mine, despite the fact that I'm usually nitpicking about something.