Sunday, February 7, 2010

Thank You

I'd like to extend my sincere thanks to everyone who has supported me through donations this year. The money has allowed me to buy materials that I wouldn't otherwise have been able to afford, and I feel it has enriched the blog for everyone. Here are some of the books I've bought using donations. Some were quite expensive:

Food and western disease: health and nutrition from an evolutionary perspective. Staffan Lindeberg (just released!!)

Nutrition and disease. Edward Mellanby

Migration and health in a small society: the case of Tokelau. Edited by Albert F. Wessen

The saccharine disease. T. L. Cleave

Culture, ecology and dental anthropology. John R. Lukacs

Vitamin K in health and disease. John W. Suttie

Craniofacial development. Geoffrey H. Sperber

Western diseases: their emergence and prevention. Hugh C. Trowell and Denis P. Burkitt

The ultimate omega-3 diet. Evelyn Tribole

Our changing fare. John Yudkin and colleagues

Donations have also paid for many, many photocopies at the medical library. I'd also like to thank everyone who participates in the community by leaving comments, or by linking to my posts. I appreciate your encouragement, and also the learning opportunities.


Michael said...


Thanks for the list. I see a few there I need to add to my library.

Peter Snowdon said...

I just lurk mainly, but I need to say, it was your blog which kick-started the turnaround in my own health last year. If I hadn't come across such a reasonable, open-minded and calmly sceptical assessment of so much important evidence, I might never have found the confidence to make serious changes in my own diet which have normalised my blood sugars in just three months.
If I was earning money, I would be making you a donation too! (And, on the grounds that I may one day again earn money -- how long can a boy be a full-time mature student, anyway? - then you are top of my giving-with-gratitude list!)
Meanwhile, I hope you find the energy and other resources to keep up the work you're doing: it really does make a tangible difference to other people's lives.
All good wishes
Peter said...

Your blog is an awesome and very informative resource. Thanks for all the effort you put into it.

The 50 Best Health Blogs

JM said...

Thank you for all the work you put into the blog. I always enjoy reading it. It's one of the best resources around...

Unknown said...

You might want to hurry and read the Staffan Lindeberg book so you can be the first one to write a review of it on Amazon.

Robert Andrew Brown said...

Thanks Stephan fro all you hard work, open mind, incisive insight and excellent communication.

Matt Stone said...

Sweet. Can't wait to read Lindeberg and Mellenby.

I found T.L. Cleave's earlier work, Diabetes, Coronary Thrombosis, and The Saccharine Disease to be better than The Saccharine Disease. Similar of course, but better overall.

Emily said...

the first book on your list sounds facinating.

Anonymous said...

@Stephan, for those on this book list you have read can you give us a short review?

Cheers, Brent.

Kris J said...

Hi Stephan,
I'm just exploring your site for the first time. Looks like there is lots of good information. I'm a retired and reformed dietitian who just became a fan of Saturated Fat on Facebook. I just got two books that you might find interesting if you don't already have them - Primal Body-Primal Mind by Nora Gedgaudas

and Mastering Leptin, by Byron Richards, which has a lot about the intricate interplay between leptin, insulin, and many other hormones.

I recently borrowed The Ultimate Omega-3 Diet by Tribole - and was really disappointed that she recommends avoiding saturated fat and using canola oil. Sure glad I didn't buy her book!
Kris Johnson

Mike said...

Easy decision to contribute, since this is by far one of thee most informative blogs out there!

thaneverbefore said...

Hey Stephan,

Some of those books are quite expensive! I was surprised I actually have "Vitamin K in Health and Disease", as an e-book I randomly pirated with some others on nutrition that I'll probably never get to reading. I just looked for the rest and found The Saccharine Disease and The Ultimate Omega-3 Diet.

You may want to consider torrenting some books in the future if you want to stretch those donations further. Of course actual books are better but you might be able to get some you can't find otherwise or come across a few you didn't know about. At the very least they're a nice way to preview something. If you want copies of those 3 I could email them.

First time commenting, love your blog.


Kelly A. said...


Thanks for all your hard work. You are one of the most intelligent and certainly the most polite blogger I've found. Your posts are a "must read" in my opinion.

Matthew Odette said...

Thanks for the list Stephen.

How highly do you recommend the first book on your list (Food and Western Disease: Health and nutrition from an evolutionary perspective)? It looks like an excellent read. Just need to justify spending the $76.

And thank you for sharing all of your research and hard work!

-Matthew Odette

Unknown said...


I'm just gonna kidnap the comments a bit.
Anyone know which paper this ed. comment in Science Translational Medicine is referring to? (I don't have access to STM)

Moms and the Metabolic Syndrome
Andrew A. Bremer
3 February 2010:17ec16


Michael said...

Hey Stephan,

I second the review of books you read. Would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for all your work.

Mrs. Ed said...

I love your blog so I'm always glad to offer the encouragement. You do incredible work. Of your latest reading list, which ones would you recommend the most?

eshlow said...


It's EXTREMELY expensive, but I'd love to see someone with some knowledge base get this book:

Vitamin D volume 1-2.

Given the insane benefits of vitamin D, and that most of the population is deficient... would be interesting to see what you could glean from this thing.

Keep up the good work!

Scott Miller said...

Of all of the wonderful evidence-based, conventional-wisdom-disputing blogs (most of which you have in your blog roll), I still find your blog the most insightful, Stephan. And I have recommended it to no less than hundreds of people, individually, in public groups (like when I first discovered your blog), and in private groups not accessible to the public.

I've donated already, and will do so every year you continue.

BTW, a new book that I've recommending to numerous people, Anticancer. Really shows how cancer can be prevented and defeated using a low-carb, anti-inflammatory diet, as written by a neurologist who himself had cancer in his early 30's, had it "cured" conventionally, had the usual relapse, and then decides to study the topic on his own. What he learned is what many of us already know: oncology in the USA is woefully attached to big profit solutions and ignores all research on natural (supplements) and dietary solutions. He's been treating cancer patients with outstanding success for 15+ years now, and his brain cancer is still gone.

Cupcakes said...

I have Staffan Lindeberg's new book, and it's pretty good. Kind of like a very intelligent guide through the nutrition maze.

He is the primary reason I personally stopped eating low-carb but still remain Paleo, i.e lots of root vegetables. Never mind talking about recent mutations in Genes affecting carbohydrate metabolism. Guess I'm not so into the 'blink of an eye' notion anymore either.

Keep up the great blog!


MangoManDan said...

Stephan, as always many thanks for the cordial, thoughtful intelligence and hard work you put into your blog.
Would you recommend the Staffan Lindeberg book for those of us without a strong science background?

I don't think I can convince my library to purchase the book, and am debating buying my own copy.

JBG said...

Here's a strong second to Scott Miller's recommendation of Anticancer--A New Way of Life. Note that although Anticancer first came out only about two years ago, there is a new edition with some significant additions.

Jim Sutton said...

'Anticancer' doesn't sound very supportive of the paleo-eating milieu.


djinn said...

Stephen -
Your blog is greatly responsible for my huge health turnaround. By the way, I think you're better described as "subtle" rather than the more insipid "polite". To paraphrase the Sundance Kid; you're very good, man. Thanks for all you do.

Adolfo David said...


David Servan talks in his book AntiCancer of the bad effects on cancer of cereals/sugars and modern high carb diets.

Anna said...

Has anyone read this book?

My husband got it for my birthday last month but I have barely cracked it open yet.

Kelly A. said...

OK djinn:

Not only is Stephan polite in responding to all sorts of comments, but also very patient and has a positive attitude.

I think his writing encourages people to rise to his level of discourse instead of the lowest common denominator.

Mavis said...

Stephan, I've said it before and I'll say it again - you rock! Keep up the *great* work.

elhnad said...

Hey Stephan,
I see that McCarrison is listed in your hall of fame but a search on his name only shows one post mentioning him. What are your opinions on some of his works could be a subject of a future blog.

Thanks for all your diligence. this year even more people will visit the site i'm sure