Thursday, May 20, 2010

Malocclusion Posts Translated into German

It's nice to see on my website statistics program that Whole Health Source has a solid international following. As commonly as English is spoken throughout the world however, there are many people who do not have access to this blog due to a language barrier.

A gentleman by the name of Bertram has translated/summarized my series on the causes and prevention of malocclusion (misaligned teeth) into German. His site is, and you can find the first post here, with links to the subsequent 8. It looks like an interesting site-- I wish I could read German. Thanks Bertram!


Rainer said...

I'm a German and I like to follow the interisting Site of Bertram. Many thanks to him for translating your posts. I hope for further tranlations.
Thanks to Bertram, Rainer

Anonymous said...

Hello Stephan,
I think in germany are many readers of your blog. Not just me ;). First, I want to thank you for your work. If you're interested I will translate it as good as possible for you. :) Fell free to contact me.

Greetings from germany.

deadsunrise said...
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deadsunrise said...

Hi Stephan. I was considering yesterday to ask you for permission to translate some of your articles to Spanish.

I'm preparing a website focused on posture, Vit D, barefoot walking, fats, dental health, etc. Articles and videos that have improved the quality of my life but are not accessible to people who don't know english.

Some of the videos I plan on subtitling are Michael Holick's "Vitamin D and Prevention of Chronic Diseases"
or Esther Gokhale @google_authors talk.

I will include the source and refer people to your site, of course.


Vladimir Heiskanen (Valtsu) said...

I (also) have been thinking of starting some day a Finnish blog about health/nutrition with some translated articles from good English blogs like yours. Would you generally let people do like that assuming that there will always be also a link to the original article?

Neonomide said...

Interesting! Here in Finland (you know, that notoriously CAD-heavy country in Northern Europe) people are writing about your posts in discussion forums all the time.

I for one would have to say that health discussion in web would be a lot more boring without your relevatory blog and subsequent discussions here and elsewhere.

Sure, Finland is just a tiny 5 million language peripherality, yet there remains awful lot of health discusion here, a lot of it because the famous North Carelia Project which has been the main example internationally for practical CAD prevention (with all it's critique).

It should tell something that when people write in finnish "but Stephan said", many people know exactly that they refer to this blog's contents. ^^

Keep up the good work!

Mrs. Ed said...

Just wanted to say thanks for the recommended reading list.

Stephan Guyenet said...

Hi Aurel,

I would love for you to translate as much of the blog as you wish to. Thanks!

Hi Deadsunrise,

That would be great. Thanks!

Hi Valtsu,

Yes, please do. Thanks!

Hi Neonomide,

Thanks for the comment, I'm glad people are finding the information useful.

Robert Andrew Brown said...

Well done Stephan (-:

eshlow said...
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