Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Primal Docs

Chris Armstrong, creator of the website Celiac Handbook, has designed a new non-commercial website called Primal Docs to help people connect with ancestral health-oriented physicians.  It's currently fairly small, but as more physicians join, it will become more useful.  If you are a patient looking for such a physician in your area, or an ancestral health-oriented physician looking for more exposure, it's worth having a look at his site:

Primal Docs

Update 9/22: apparently there is already another website that serves a similar purpose and has many more physicians enrolled: Paleo Physicians Network.


Suz said...

I can't wait until this website contains lots of physicians in Australia!

gwarm said...

Are there documented civilizations that lived without grains? And what about completely without wheat, barley, & rye?

Nico said...

Well, it probably would have been easier to just tag along with already extisting Paleo Physicians Network, but I must admit that the Primal Docs website looks better.

Don't like that Crossfit has a button at the top bar. Crossfit definitely has merits, but putting it side to side with "physicians" and "practitioners" implies (at least to me) that it is a vital part of paleo/primal/ancestral health, something which I can't really agree with.

bjk said...

Ditto Nico

nicoretta9 said...

Most of the ones on the paleo physicians networks are not MDs. At least in the NY area. I'm a little more interested in finding a paleo primary care physician than a "naturopath" or whathaveyou.

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Jae said...

I agree with nicoretta9's comment about most of the "doctors" on the Paleo Physicians network not being MDs. They are mostly chiropractors.

I'm sure that some chiropractors are excellent, but this is not good for the credibility of the site, or for the Primal/Paleo movements.

I hope the Primal Docs site will feature mostly MDs. Even better would be if both sites allowed you to limit your searches to just MDs or DCs or whatever, and display the practitioner's credentials prominently alongside their name.

Jae said...

As a follow-up to my previous comment: of course, Chris Kresser does not have an MD, but I would rather go to him than most MDs.

So please don't take my comment as bashing on medical professionals who don't have MDs. I don't care about the credentials. I only care about the quality of the provider's information and the quality of his or her thinking.

However, it is probably true that to most people, an MD is going to have more credibility than a DC.

gwarm said...

I was reading a favorite book of mine Transcend, Terry Grossman MD and they discuss cortisol testing and recommend a healthcare practioner (not necessarily MD) for lowering cortisol:

A healthcare practioner oriented towards natural treatments, such as a naturopath, chiropractor, or physician affiliated with the American College for Advancement in Medicine (see, can help you restore abnormal adrenal function towards normal.
And I know Chris Kresser always talks about cortisol tests and more in his podcast.

Nico said...

@ nicoretta9: Sorry, a bit of a cultural and language barrier there, I'm Swedish and here physician eguals MD. My bad.

Still, it would be nice to pool all the paleo/ancestral-friendly health care personnel on one web page and then provide a filter so you can specifically search for an MD, dietician, chiropractor or whatever.

Solshine said...

Jimmy Moore also has a list of MDs at