Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Appearance on "Ask the Low-Carb Experts" Podcast Postponed

I was scheduled to appear on Jimmy Moore's show "Ask the Low-Carb Experts" this Thursday.  I don't consider myself a low-carb expert, but I do have expertise in obesity and metabolism, and Jimmy had invited me to discuss these topics on his show.

Due to a confluence of events, I've decided that this is not the best time to do the show.  I want to be clear that I don't intend this as a rebuke of Jimmy Moore or his show-- most of my reasons for postponing have nothing to do with Jimmy.  Thanks for your understanding.


Tucker Goodrich said...


Simon Carter said...

I applaud your decision! Jimmy Moore crossed a line for me with his recent appearance on the podcast of David Duke, the former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. Jimmy is also a creationist and does not believe in evolution.

Sara said...

Simon, Jimmy blogged about that. Sounds like he didn't know enough about David Duke before going on the show.

Diana said...

Sure, he would say that, wouldn't he?

I rarely read his blog, but some time after 12/7 I glanced at it. Maybe it was on 12/22, the day he posted it, I don't know. David Duke was #14 on the list of 36 new health/LC blogs. Curious, I clicked on the link and I was put through to the "nutrition" page of THAT David Duke. One of the clickable posts was about Jewish influence on our food supply.

I wondered whether to put a question in the comments. After seeing this: "You're a fan of David Duke?" to which Jimmy answered: "His nutrition stuff is spot on," I realized I had to say something.

I wrote: "David Duke is a neo-Nazi. Because you agree with him about nutrition, you link to him?" (at the time I didn't know he'd appeared on Duke's podcast).

Jimmy answered: "He invited me on his radio show and his nutrition thoughts are on target with the low carb message. What he believes outside of diet and health doesn't really matter to me."

In the ensuing controversy, which flared up because of both the link and the radio podcast, Jimmy (a) scrubbed those comments and (b) issued his whining, self-pitying apology.

McGuff is also a disgrace. He's a medical doctor. He didn't apologize for appearing on Duke's show when he realized it was THAT David Duke, but waited until he was outed by Moore - and only apologized in another man's comment section.

Shame on both of them.

(I also put a comment on Jimmy's low carb forum. He announced his appearance on Duke's show with great pride and fanfare, on 12/7. When I discovered that from his flip-off comment to me, above, I put a "Shame on you!" there. He has since removed this announcement from the forum page.)

Gabriella Kadar said...

Stephen, it's all a 'three ring circus' going on right now all over the place. Obnoxious pseudonymous trolls abound. Maybe the 'holiday season' brings out the worst in some. After all, holidays have been associated with an increase in domestic violence, so why not extend it to abusive comments on blogs?

Mind you, your dismissive comments about Dr. JJ's publication were also not well considered. There is criticism and then there is criticism.

Let's try to keep things professional. Jimmy Moore is not.

Stephan Guyenet said...

I offered a level-headed scientific critique of Dr. Johnson's paper, which was entirely appropriate and reflected my own professional opinion as well as that of many of my colleagues.

Unknown said...

Hello Guys I also put a statement on Jimmy's low carbs community. He declared his overall look on Duke's display with excellent pleasure and excitement, on it. When I found that from his flip-off opinion to me, above, I put a "Shame on you!" there.Thanks!!

Gabriella Kadar said...

Stephan, this is what got my antennae up:

'Dr. JJ: 1) Your first statement - “When carefully considered, this evidence suggests an alternative explanation for the results of Dr. Mehran and colleagues.” … which I interpret to mean that you think there is another interpretation of our results. I scrolled down and I didn’t see the alternate interpretation... '

To some of us, including Dr. J, your commentary was an unsupported criticism. By comparison to the bizarre productions of some individuals on their blogs, it appears to be nothing at all. But in context of doing what you do, all attention is not good attention.

Stephan Guyenet said...

Hi Gabriella,

I described the alternative explanation quite clearly in my post-- I'm not sure why Dr. Johnson didn't understand it. He seems to have skimmed what I wrote.

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