Friday, June 14, 2013

Food Reward Friday

This week's lucky "winner"... cronuts!!

'Cronut' is a portmanteau of the words 'croissant' and 'donut'.  To make a cronut, croissant dough is deep fried, then filled with sweet cream.  Developed by chef Dominique Ansel in Manhattan, it's all the rage among foodies at the moment.

I doubt anyone is going to get fat on cronuts, because they're probably expensive, not sold in large boxes, and mostly consumed by well-to-do New Yorkers.  But they exhibit the cardinal features of hyper-rewarding foods: extremely high calorie density, high fat, sugar, and starch; and easy to procure and consume.  If it weren't for these features, no one would have heard of the cronut.

Thanks to reader Norman for the tip.  Image credit:


Caroline said...

Did you get to try a cronut? I have heard that they are incredible!

RLL said...

Now as a dessert for a party of six one of these might be perfect

Diana said...

They are $5 per cronut, not that expensive for a moneybags NYer who spends a load of money every month eating out and for extras that are part of la vie de NYC (Yankees tix, Knicks tix, theater tix, etc.)

The reason cronuts eaters will probably stay thin is because socially you die in NYC when you are fat. Is that part of food reward theory?

Diana said...

RLL: The website says that you can order 50 at a time. Two months in advance. I could see doing that for blowout party. What's $250 in the grand scheme of things?

Unknown said...

Food evolution at its best!!
Aren't croissants buttery enough? Aren't doughnuts greasy enough? we HAD to combine them?

I am a New Yorker and I will gladly stay must taste great but I will skip acquiring this nouveau taste.

How about this: I will try two new exotic mushrooms from the Amazon and five new potent herbs from the equator before I would consider trying any trendy culinary contraption. My body would sure thank me :)

Anonymous said...

They look damn tasty!

Coby said...

Ohh wow these look very tasty my friend. I would love to have one...but I'm trying to stay fit and keep moving on with some weight loss goals.

Unknown said...

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