Tuesday, February 11, 2014

5 Easy and Effective Ways to Eat Less

Why do we overeat?  Why is it hard to lose fat once we've gained it?  Is there a way to comfortably and sustainably eat less and lose fat? 
I recently did an interview with Armi Legge of Evidence Magazine that gives an overview of my thinking on these topics-- based on a large and compelling body of research that rarely reaches popular media sources in useful form. 
At the end of the interview, Armi asks me to list my top five tips for reducing calorie intake.  Enjoy!


Tony said...

Excellent interview and outstanding information!

Shoshanah Marohn said...

How much protein should I eat if I want to eat less? Is there a magic number? Thanks for posting this! Very informative.

Marwan Daar said...

Interesting stuff, thanks for this. I noticed you discussed caloric density as a factor, but what are your thoughts on nutrient density as it relates to the satiety and/or body fatness regulation system?

Also, was there a reason you didn't discuss how certain foods might trigger inflammatory responses in the hypothalamus? I imagine this would be important when designing a diet.

Sanjeev said...

> protein should I eat if I want to eat less?

AFAIK (someone correct me please) the satiating effect's been

1. noted but not quantified, including individual susceptibility, so amounts can't be accurately suggested

2. not studied in combination with "dopamine-friendly" dieting. The leucine mechanism differs from the "dopamine-friendly dieting" 's mechanism so who knows, the 2 may work together but they could interfere with each other

Sanjeev said...

forgot to answer the question :)

>much protein should I eat if I want to eat less?

Lyle McDonald and Alan Aragon suggest one gram per pound of LEAN body weight in the context of a decent (but NOT high) calorie deficit.

this is a probably-safe amount meant for maintaining lean mass (muscle, organs, skin, etc ...), NOT for appetite reduction, but is a probably-safe amount likely high enough to trigger the effect.

Sanna said...

Have you heard of Charlotte Erlanson-Albertsson? I recently borrowed her book Hunger och mättnad, which means "Hunger and satiety" and descibes how hunger and satiety work biochemically. Being a huge nerd and trying to become a nutrition researcher, I found this utterly fascinating. Then I googled her on Scholar Google, and she's done some pretty cool studies.

Armi Legge said...

Thanks for coming on the show Stephan. It was great talking to you.

Unknown said...

Dissapointing. Why would more environmental changes aimed at satiety re-set the defended body fat set point? You seem to be trying to provide answers to the wrong question. If BF defence controls hunger, all becomes superfluous until you can address the lowering of the set point defence point.

flannel said...

Here's an up to date link: