Friday, March 14, 2014

Food Reward Friday

This week's lucky "winner"...  the Taco Bell waffle taco!!

Finally!  A taco made out of a waffle, complete with sausage, egg, and maple-ish syrup!

One of my readers forwarded me a funny article on the waffle taco from Ad Age.  This is presumably a real quote from Taco Bell chief marketing officer Chris Brandt:
The breakfast sandwich hasn't changed 40 years, and we think this breaks that paradigm.
The Breakfast Sandwich Paradigm.  Thomas Kuhn is rolling in his grave right now.

The waffle taco will be available starting March 27.


Unknown said...

Make the waffle out of almond or coconut flour and it will find support in Paleo diet circles.

LeonRover said...
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LeonRover said...

Referred in some circles as


The paradigm shifted with EggMcMuffin.

I said then "Hold the muffin", it much more apt now

Hold the waffle.


Deirdre said...

The world is now complete.

Sanjeev said...

disturbingly, this repeatedly reminds me of the banana, Ray Comfort's "atheist's nightmare"

Sanjeev said...

> Make the waffle out of almond or coconut flour and it will find support in Paleo diet circles.

no bacon
⇒ no paleo©®
⇒ no £, no €, no $$$$
∴ f'gedaboudit, QED

normann said...

This is the strangest "comestible" I have ever seen. Other than the manner in which it's assembled, there is nothing remotely taco about it. I am assuming that the sausage is your basic pork sausage (which I happen to like), but unless it is seasoned with chill pepper, cumin, etc., it might as well be made of plastic - or tofu. This is an obvious ploy to muscle in on the fast-food breakfast trade, and in the US, that means sugary sweet (maple-ish syrup indeed). Blechhh.

John Nicholas said...

Seems like Food Reward Friday is going a little off course. From what I can tell this isn't even really for sale yet, it doesn't come out until March 27th, so few of us would know if this is "addictive" or has the magic ability to bypass self control that most of these supposedly have.

I would guess 85% of these are ordered through a drive through on the way to work so it is also unlikely to create the situation where one compulsively eats more than they intended.

So if it doesn't lead to binge eating I guess that just leaves the reported "460 calories and 30g of fat". But I thought one of the things pretty established here was that macros don't matter outside of calories? Is a 460 calorie breakfast crazy? It's more than similar sandwiches like an egg mcmuffin but still quite a bit less than a bagel with cream cheese.

I'm not going to ever eat one of these but I don't see it as the danger for most people that things like chips are.

Unknown said...

Looks fantastic but I don't know if I would ever allow myself to put that in my body.