Friday, May 30, 2014

Food Reward Friday

This week's lucky "winner"... Lay's milk chocolate-dipped potato chips!!

Is this some kind of joke?  Sadly, no.  Also sadly, I'd probably enjoy these sugar-covered deep fried potatoes, just like I enjoyed chocolate-covered bacon.  Here's a quote from the description on Amazon:
  • "Imagine the joy your taste buds will experience! Lay's wanted to make your holiday special with a wonderful blend of traditional wavy chips covered in luscious milk chocolate that makes for salty, sweet magic."
Here are two comments from the Amazon reviews:
  • "Well, I really liked these, but the little bag said it was like 5 servings in the bag....I noticed that after I finished it...yikes!"
  • "These are awesome, but oh so addictive!
Perhaps these are causing a bit too much joy on the tastebuds??

This week's FRF was brought to us by reader Norman Spencer, who asks "mais pourquoi?"


Tina said...

I think I'll stick with my Fran's Salted Caramels.

Salty, sweet, and in SMALL packages... :)

DougDavis said...

Chocolate and potato chips...together?

Unknown said...

Lay's didn't invent this. I've seen them in high-end chocolate shops. It's that sweet/salty thing. Of course, in the chocolate shop you are limited by your desire to spend beaucoup $$$ on a little bit of chocolate-dipped potato chips, which is a pretty good deterrent. :-)

Rian said...

These sound horrid. You nailed it when you said "too much joy on the tastebuds." That'll keep 'em coming back for more.

g-mo said...
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hels said...

I used to enjoy eating dark chocolate together with potato chips or pork rinds. Hopefully, that's better than the mil chocolate variety shown here.

The chip covered in chocolate thing (dark chocolate) has also been done by the Michelin star restaurant NOMA, though it seems the portion sizes are smaller than a bagful.