Friday, August 1, 2014

Food Reward Friday

This week's lucky "winner"...  Cheesecake Factory Bruleed French Toast!

This dish was one of the lucky recipients of the Xtreme Eating Awards recently bestowed by the Center for Science in the Public Interest.  These dishes have some of the highest calorie contents of any restaurant meals.  With Bruleed French Toast, you can eat 2,780 calories... for breakfast.  That's more calories than most people require in an entire day.

Looking at the dish, it's hard to believe there are nearly 3,000 calories in it.  Most of the calories come from the butter- and syrup-rich custard in the bread.  I'm continually amazed by the things we'll do for food reward.

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Anonymous said...

I would like to respectfully classify this item outside of the category of "food".

It's like calling porn, love-making.

webist said...

Looks great. Can't wait to eat it..!

Mariela Gavazova said...