Friday, March 13, 2015

Food Reward Friday

This week's lucky "winner"... a bacon hot dog donut, by Krispy Kreme!

Yes, this is real, although it hasn't been formally named yet.  Apparently, Krispy Kreme teamed up with a minor league baseball team called the Blue Rocks to come up with this genius idea.  It's a glazed donut, containing a hot dog, large amounts of bacon, and jelly.  They plan to sell it as a concession at Frawley Stadium in Delaware.  For $5 extra, they'll inject it directly into your coronary arteries.

Krispy Kreme is asking the public to suggest names for their new creation. What would you name it?

Thanks to Scott Weigle for passing this along.


BJ Terry said...

The Gateway Grizzlies minor league baseball team in Illinois already offers a burger made with a Krispy Kreme bun (and bacon and cheddar) which they call on the menu "Baseball's Best Burger" to go with their "Baseball's Best Nachos" and "Baseball's Best Hot Dog". I've actually eaten it before and it's not half bad.

Carl M. said...

If watching baseball constitutes entertainment, then you are already among the walking dead, so why not?

Robert said...

"Krispy Kreme is asking the public to suggest names for their new creation. What would you name it?"

Your last meal.

Anonymous said...

A lot of the food you post here looks pretty appetizing to me. Probably something I would have to fight to not eat if I were out drinking with some friends who had ordered it.

This looks disgusting though. No appeal whatsoever.

Anand Srivastava said...

Hi Stephan,

What do you think about the latest articles of Peter at hyperlipid.

follow up post

It seems interesting.

Coach Rollie said...

I'd call it "Big Mistake".

Stephan Guyenet said...

Hi Anand,

I just went over to check it out. The first sentence of the first post of the series was this:

"There is a certain belief structure within obesity research which maintains that the central action of insulin is to limit appetite"

I have no idea where he got this idea, but I have never encountered this belief in my field. I have never met any researcher who would disagree with the fact that insulin's most important function is to regulate energy substrate (e.g., glucose, fatty acids) concentrations in the blood and energy substrate use by tissues. Insulin's impact on appetite remains controversial and incompletely understood even in my own field, a fact that is abundantly reflected in the scientific literature.

When the first sentence of a post grossly misrepresents an entire field of research, that's bad news... For me, it is consistent with Peter's pattern of living in his own imagination and inventing ideas that are convenient for his belief system.

He also seems to focus on the researchers' affiliations, looking for some way to discredit them. I don't have any desire to keep reading past the first post. Peter is an intelligent person but it is a chore to try to sort reality from fiction in his writing.

Tim said...

If this is a reward, what is a punishment?