Monday, March 3, 2008


Yes, I'm finally diving headfirst into blog-land. Welcome to the blog section of Whole Health Source.

This blog will be a collection of my thoughts on health, food, the environment, science, wholesome living and whatever else captures my interest.

Maybe this will help me stop clogging up other blogs' comment pages.

C 2008


Dave Clary said...

Another addition to my RSS feeds and one I'm really happy to see. Looking forward to a lot of good reading!!

Stephan Guyenet said...

Thanks Dave!

j said...

Well, here I am at the beginning.

Stephan, I just read through every blog post you have. At the beginning, I understood almost nothing. I leave with a much better grasp of how my body works and how to keep it in good order.

Great job. I'm now going to go back to the front page and see what new stuff you've put up in the past few weeks. :)

Te4t0n said...

I've started reading all your posts from the beginning! It's full of really great ideas, thoughts and arguments :) I'm only about 50-60 posts in... but I love it!