Thursday, March 26, 2015

Is Meat Unhealthy? Consolidated links

Several people have asked for a consolidated list of links to my series on meat and health.  Here it is!  This should make it easier to share.  

Is Meat Unhealthy?  Part I.  Introduction and ethical/environmental considerations.
Is Meat Unhealthy?  Part II.  Our evolutionary history with meat.
Is Meat Unhealthy?  Part III.  Meat and cardiovascular disease.
Is Meat Unhealthy?  Part IV.  Meat and obesity risk.
Is Meat Unhealthy?  Part V.  Meat and type 2 diabetes risk.
Is Meat Unhealthy?  Part VI.  Meat and cancer risk.
Is Meat Unhealthy?  Part VII.  Meat and total mortality.
Is Meat Unhealthy?  Part VIII.  Health vs. the absence of disease.


Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

A bit late, but thank you for putting together this series. I found it extremely thorough and still accessible for a layman like myself. Shared it on my blog awhile back; hoping my readers have enjoyed it as much as I did.

Johan Lindén said...

My guess why studies wrongly comes to the conclusion that meat is unhealthy is because the meat isn't eaten correctly.

By this I primarily mean:
1) The animal we eat itself eat bad unnatural stuff. Mostly soy nowadays it seems.
2) We eat only selected parts so we get it unbalanced. We cook it with bones and gelatin to rarely. This gives a wrong balance of amino acids and minerals among other things.

Feel free to come with counter-arguments.